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Cajun Sports Cream

Cajun Sports Cream
Cajun Sports Cream

What makes Cajun Sports Cream so unique?

Heated with Capsaicin, a pepper extract that helps diminish the neurotransmitters that send pain signals to the brain. This product provides more than just a placebo effect.

Contains EMU Oil which helps relieve discomfort and improves the delivery of Capsaicin.

Penetrates deep with Menthol and Eucalyptus. These are a couple of the additives that help Cajun Sports Cream penetrate.

Cajun Sports Cream is packed with moisturizing additives like Aloe, Olive Oil to prevent the skin from drying out. This product will not leave skin dry or dehydrated.

With lotion-like consistency, this product is not thick and creamy like some of the competitors. This allows it to be easily spread as well as easily removed.

Packaged in a squeeze bottle so it can be applied easily. Cajun Cream's bottle stands on end allowing gravity to aid application.

Research and Development involved Professional Athletes such as: Body Builders, NBA, and NFL players. These athletes have determined Cajun Sports Cream to be very effective before and after workouts.

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